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Milano Jewelry also offers a variety of other services to breathe life into old or outdated items such as rhodium plating and ring resizing.

Reliable jewelry and watch repairs

Do you have a broken pearl necklace, a watch that's stopped running, or other treasured items that needs a little extra care? Why not bring it to Milano Jewelry for professional repair services and begin enjoying those pieces again.


It doesn't matter if it's fine or costume jewelry. You'll still get the same professional service.

— Watch battery and band replacements

— Pearl necklace and bracelet restringing

— Replacement heads on diamond rings to

    secure precious stones

— Laser soldering

— Clasp replacements

— And more

New watch battery installation for just $4.99!

Let our team of skilled craftsmen repair your watches, rings, necklaces and other treasured items so you can enjoy wearing them again or pass them along to the next generation.

Our repair services

Need plating, resizing or other services?

You'll be amazed at how good your old pieces look with our FREE jewelry cleaning.

repairing bracelet strings